Self-employed and unsure where to turn?

Witten Financial Services has you covered.

The self-employed go by many names. Small business owner. Freelancer. Contractor. Consultant. They touch nearly every industry, from creative to industrial, medical to big business. Yet they all have the same drive to outperform everyone around them while craving and desiring the independence that comes from being on your own.

Witten Financial Services, LLC is a premier financial firm for these unique people. We provide a comprehensive suite of financial and accounting services designed to address the business and personal needs of a self-employed individual.

Are you self-employed? Do you own your own practice, consultancy, or business?

If so, let us take you through our technology-supported, high-touch planning process that is designed to address all of your financial needs in one holistic plan.

The Facets of Success

Our services fit together in stages, giving you actionable advice at each step and culminating in financial independence.


We take an analytical look at your personal finances and business records to set ourselves up for success.


We use strategies designed to protect your existing assets and create a sturdy foundation in anticipation of greater success.


We implement plans that have the potential grow your wealth and achieve your goals. Common goals addressed include retirement, college funding, and income planning.


The final stage in our process is focused on giving back. Let us help you leave assets to a charity, establish a trust, or give your wealth to loved ones.

Most firms have a linear approach to wealth management. We do not. Our Facets of Success work together to address every aspect of your financial well-being, including immediate needs, interim goals, and long-term vision for the future. To learn more about how everything fits together, download the Our Philosophy infographic.

Want to learn how we can incorporate the Facets of Success in your life?

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